Your video course starts tomorrow!

What to expect

The first course module will be delivered to you tomorrow by email – and you’ll receive the additional modules throughout the week. You’ll have access to all the videos and course materials for the rest of the month, so you can complete the modules on your own schedule. (But don’t wait too long, as the course will be taken offline at the end of the month!)

How to get the most out of this course:

  • Do this now: Make an email folder where you can save the course emails. You’ll have access to the videos for the whole month, so you’ll want to save the links so you can revisit them.
  • Set aside a half-hour of uninterrupted time for each of the three course modules. And I recommend giving yourself at least 24 hours time between each module, to let the material sink in.
  • You’ll be doing written exercises, so you’ll need something to write with – a notebook and pen, or keyboard.
  • Pick a spot to do the course modules where you’ll have relative quiet and privacy, so you can really let your thoughts flow.

Okay, that about covers it... I’ll see you tomorrow. Can’t wait to get started!

All the very best,


P.S. If any questions come up for you during the course, please email them to me! I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. And if you have any feedback on the course materials, please send it over! I’d really love to know how the experience is going for you.