"Anna is a beautiful balance of masterfully skilled, curious, soulful, intelligent and playful. I always felt perfectly held right where I was, whether I went deep or couldn't quite get clarity. And those moments when I wasn't sure what I wanted to address, Anna always found a way to guide me to the next best step in a way that felt compassionate and peaceful. She's a true artist of support, guidance and inquiry."  Angela M.

"My experience with Anna Holtzman was truly transformative. With her coaching, I was able to identify certain issues that were preventing me from achieving goals at work and in my personal life. Anna helped me acknowledge my self-worth and assert myself in the office. During our time together, I not only gained confidence in myself as an employee, but also a title promotion! I truly owe a great deal of this to Anna's coaching, and continue to use these skills in many tough situations at work. I am really thankful for Anna's guidance and would recommend her services to anyone in need of great life coach."  Robert N.

"Anna is so intuitive, she can pick up on your thoughts before you even process them yourself. I have found working with Anna to be inspirational. She is fun yet caring, giving you 100% of her attention. I am still working with her and I know she will help me to achieve my goals. I have already made so much progress with her."  Laura D.

“Anna made it very easy to be myself, to listen to what I needed and to feel more empowered. She was present, non-judgemental and she challenged me to grow in a safe space. What I learned and experienced in sessions with Anna has rippled out positively to other areas of my life.” Monica O.

“Anna thoughtfully and gently guided me into focus around my career change. A terrific listener and great sounding board, she helped reframe my negative thoughts into positive actions. I was hopelessly stuck and directionless when we began working together, but now I see a clear path for myself and am excited for the job hunt.” Jen S.

"Decided to try coaching with Anna because I was feeling a bit stuck in my career, but I ended up getting much more than that. She helped me dig deeper into many different things in my life and has cleared up a lot I had going on in my head."  Dan C.

"Anna provided very patient and insightful coaching. When I was stuck she gradually helped me pry myself loose. She has good instincts and curiosity which makes conversations more like a dialogue than problem solving. And always she is in tune to what she hears and in gently bold in holding up a mirror to me. Loved working with her"  Dan S.

"Anna is focused, empathetic, professional, and helping her clients is clearly a labor of love. I'm working on my doctoral dissertation and I have been stuck and in emotional pain over the writing process for months (years?) now. Working with Anna helped me identify and begin to take charge of some of those big scary feelings. I'm writing so much faster now. She is just great."  Jasmine H.

"Anna is lovely! Kind, thoughtful and wise. She helped me release some deep baggage in the most loving way. I walked away with powerful new tools that I will be sure to use again and again."  Annique S.


Interested in working together? Have questions? I'd love to hear from you at anna@annaholtzman.com or (646) 439-0432.

I offer in-person therapy sessions in Downtown Brooklyn. Career coaching is also available by phone or video chat.