Befriend Your Lizard Brain:
Coping strategies for stressful situations

In this workshop, you'll learn how to regain balance, find clarity, and communicate effectively during stressful situations and conflict.

We all face stress and conflict in our daily lives, whether it’s as mundane as getting jostled in a crowded subway car, or as personal as a fight with your partner or coworker.

But most of us aren’t taught how to deal with conflict in a conscious way. Often, we wind up feeling “out of control,” and reacting in ways that don’t necessarily serve us. We might say that our “lizard brain” takes over – that part of the brain that only knows how to lash out, shut-down, give in, or flee the scene.

In this workshop, I'll share tools that will help you regain your balance during stressful situations, so that you can make conscious choices about how to move forward and get your needs met, while also being mindful of others.