We each come into the world with an innate blueprint for wellness. Yet life brings experiences that mold and shape us with imprints, both nurturing and harmful. As a mindbody-oriented psychotherapist, I work with clients to repair emotional wounds and cultivate growth by supporting your inherent capacity for healing.

My orientation centers on an understanding that our thoughts, emotions, nervous system and physical body are intimately interconnected. And that wounding and healing take place in the context of our interwoven inner life, personal relationships and cultural / societal experiences.

I work collaboratively with clients, meeting you where you are with compassion, non-judgment and respect for your autonomy. My intention is to assist you in defining your own goals and to offer tools, guidance, reflection and support to help you get there.

In my practice, I incorporate elements of:

I bring trauma sensitivity and social justice consciousness to my work, and welcome clients of all backgrounds and sexual and gender orientations.

areas of specialty

anna holtzman, MHC-LP

Before embarking on my path as a therapist, I spent 15 years working in television and publishing, telling other people's stories. Now my passion is empowering people to take authorship of their own story. more…


  • NYU Steinhardt, MA in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness

  • Barnard College, BA with a major in Architecture

  • Amherst College


  • Somatic Experiencing, SETI, Intermediate Level

  • Alchemical Alignment: Bodywork for Trauma Resolution and Embodiment of Spirit, with Brigit Viksnins

  • Certified Professional Coach, Coaching for Transformation with Leadership that Works

  • Nonviolent Communication training with Dian Killian and Martha Lasley


Interested in working together? Have questions? I'd love to hear from you at or (646) 439-0432.

I offer in-person therapy sessions in Downtown Brooklyn. Career coaching is also available by phone or video chat.